Travel insurance for your journey

We ask all guests travelling with Oak Hall to ensure they are covered by a travel insurance policy for the duration of their holiday. It is well worth taking out your insurance cover at the same time as booking your holiday as many policies cover you for costs incurred if you have to cancel.

Why book travel insurance?

For a relatively small premium cost, a good travel insurance policy will pay any costs arising from emergency medical bills, repatriation etc.  Many policies also cover the costs of items damaged on a journey, cash lost etc. 

Please make sure that your insurance covers you for COVID

If you are unwell due to COVID, or you are required to isolate, your travel insurance will need to cover this. Travel insurance now can easily be found that covers eventualities related to cancellation due to quarantining or being unwell before departure, quarantine in resort and repatriation. We have recently being using this site to identify and purchase insurance that cover such situations (we do not receive commission from this link).

Do you already have travel insurance?

It maybe that you already have insurance, some credit card companies offer travel insurance as an incentive to use their services for example.  You may have taken out an annual travel policy eight months ago...

Not all travel insurance policies are equal!  Check your policy carefully!

It is worth checking any policy to make sure it is suitable for you. For example, are you covered for the types of sports you plan to get involved with?  If you are travelling with us for a winter holiday, is full winter sports cover included? If you are not a resident of the EU, are you covered? 

Winter Sports Cover

If on a winter trip, please ensure that your policy covers you for winter sports. We have taken these points from MoneySuperMarket 1

Equipment: This covers the cost of replacing equipment such as helmets, skis or snowboards if they get lost, damaged or stolen

Alternative equipment hire: This pays out when you have to hire alternative equipment if you can't use yours

Piste closure: You'll be able to claim for the cost of part of your trip if the piste is closed, though insurers may set time requirements, like a minimum of 12 or 24 hours

Off-piste activities: Many insurers will still offer cover if you're doing any activities off-piste, but these will usually come with some conditions - such as going with a qualified instructor

Ski pass: This will help with the replacement cost if you lose your ski pass, so you can still get to the slopes

Medical costs: This covers the cost of treatment if you injure yourself on the slopes

Pre-existing medical conditions: If you've got a pre-existing medical condition, you'll be able to claim for the cost of treatment should you need it

Hire costs: You'll be able to claim for the cost of cancelled activities and equipment due to illness or injury

Personal liability: This is for claiming legal costs if you become liable for someone else's injuries as a result of your actions

Avalanche delays: This covers you if your winter sports are delayed due to an avalanche

GHIC - healthcare in Europe

When travelling in Europe, make sure you've got a GHIC (if you are resident in the UK). A GHIC is free, and it could save you a lot of money and hassle if you need medical help while you are away. It replaces the European Health Insurance card (EHIC), although you can still use your EHIC if it hasn't expired. Some travel insurance companies require you to have a GHIC (or valid EHIC). For more details and to apply: The EHIC expires after 5 years so please check that yours is still valid. 

Please let us know your travel insurance details

Please send us the details of your travel insurance cover when paying the balance for your holiday so that our leader could contact the insurance company on your behalf should this be needed.