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Top European resorts

Skiing and snowboarding adventures in the mountains...


Explore the Planet!

We invite you to join us for an exciting summer ...


The Bible in 4D

Explore the fascinating lands where the Bible events took place...


Otford Manor

Relaunch, Refresh & Reconnect: a warm welcome at the home of Oak Hall.

Otford Manor: Relaunch; Refresh; Reconnect!

  • Relaunch: we’re relaunching our Otford Manor programme in a creative and COVID-secure way and we’d love you to join us!
  • Refresh: come and relax in the hills of Kent and soak in inspiring Bible teaching.
  • Reconnect: we’ve missed being together - now we can meet and share time in a carefully-created, safe environment.
We’ve created a new approach to sharing weekends at beautiful Otford Manor. 
Click here for more info!

WORD.online! - great Oak Hall events designed for this moment of lockdown

Here at Oak Hall, we love adventures. Usually you'll find us journeying across the planet to the most beautiful destinations, enjoying friendships and exploring the biggest questions... these Christian holidays have been on the road since 1961!

During these more unusual days, we've launched 'WORD.online!' Hundreds joined us for these inspiring mornings of study... these are free events and you are warmly invited! 

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Looking after each other during this Pandemic

When you book an Oak Hall holiday, your payment is safe and we allow a lot of flexibility to give you reassurance during this pandemic. 

Just here we explain about the special arrangements we have in place to give you peace of mind as you book.

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Oak Hall - excellent Christian Holidays: new Oak Hall Summer adventures await:

The secrets of Kyrgyzstan, Sparkling Sicily, the Spanish Mediterranean...

The Oak Hall Summer is brimming with ideas for the ideal summer!

So where do we explore this time?

• awe-inspiring Nepalese peaks
• glistening Norwegian fjords
• magnificent Montenegrin shorelines
• meandering French cycle paths
• jagged Austrian valleys

There are scores of holidays to choose from and a place waiting for you...


To the mountains!

Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany...

The winter is here - for Oak Hall that means sun, snow and the mountains... Join us on an excellent Oak Hall Christian Holiday!

"Wherever we go together, with helpful evening Bible sessions and a Christian team, we want you to come home from your holiday refreshed and inspired to live more deeply in relationship with the One who is Emmanuel - God here."
- the Oak Hall Team