Let's head to the mountains! 


Oak Hall Winters - WELCOME!

Fresh alpine air whistles in your ears, you're surrounded by great company; magnificent mountain vistas open and shift around you as you feel the exhilaration of snow under your skis and the sunshine on your face... 

Winter 2024 is going superbly... Preparations for Oak Hall Winter 2025 are well under way - we plan to launch the season online at the end of May. 

We'll keep you posted!
"There's always something new to experience in the mountains, but the beauty is timeless. Each year there are new faces alongside those who have been before..."
Oak Hall ski instructor Harley

Enjoying the Mountains - Everything you need to know!

We have put together helpful pages that explain how our winter holidays work. Please see the guides below:

Great scenery

The magnificence of the mountains is breathtaking. Their bright white peaks soaring high and silhouetted against an electric blue sky is spectacular. This awesome grandeur is not only ours to enjoy but also points us to a glorious Creator. 

Good friends

Oak Hall has a reputation for attracting people who have an enthusiasm for adventure coupled with a care for each other. Friendships are always quickly established ensuring great times together for everyone. And it all starts with the friendliest of welcomes from those on the Oak Hall team, all Christians with a desire to honour God in the way they serve. 

Godly purpose

Oak Hall winter breaks are characterised by the evening meetings when one of the team will talk briefly about a passage from the Bible, sharing how the living God speaks to each of us personally through this remarkable book. For many, these times together each evening become a highlight of the holiday.
"Our prayer is that through these winter holidays, each person will gain a clearer vision of the wonder of Jesus - the One who is God here."
the Oak Hall Team