Winter Lift Passes


What's a lift pass?!

In the first days of Oak Hall skiing, we used to walk up the mountain and then ski down. More time was spent trudging up hill than sliding down but we loved it!

Now there are incredible networks of lifts that take skiers and boarders safely and swiftly to the summit ready for a day of adventure. These are extremely safe, very high-tech and a great part of the experience of the mountains.

Choosing your lift pass

In ApricaArtesina and Feldberg, lift passes are included in the cost because we have come to an agreement with these resorts. For the other destinations, (where prices also change through the season) you will need to choose your ski pass based on:
  • number of days that you want to ski or board
  • your age
  • and for Lauterbrunnen only, the breadth of area
You can indicate your choice when you book your holiday.

Paying for your lift pass

For those resorts where the lift pass is paid for separately, you will be able to pay one week before departure. The price of your lift pass choice will be calculated using that day's exchange rate from the Post Office website. 

We will send you an email with a link to allow you to pay for your lift pass.

Lift passes in Champéry, Schladming and Zillertal

For the magnificent region of Champéry, please click here to see the map of the area covered by the lift pass.

At the heart of the Dachstein region, please click here to see the piste map of the massive area around Schladming.

Our Zillertal lift pass allows to explore the whole valley - please click here for the map of the region.

Lift Passes in Lauterbrunnen

In Lauterbrunnen, we can choose between a lift pass for the Jungfrau Region or one that covers Grindelwald and Wengen. The Jungfrau Region pass costs about 20% more than the Grindelwald and Wengen pass. 

Please click here for a map of the Grindelwald and Wengen area.
Please click here for a map of the Jungfrau Region.

If you are on a BASI or ASC course, you will need to choose the Jungfrau Region pass.

When will I receive my lift pass?

Your Oak Hall leader will have your lift pass ready for you so that you can head straight up the mountain on your first day.

Any discount given to Oak Hall on the passes is used to buy lift passes for our volunteer team.