Travel Updates


We are so glad that you are coming with us!

We are grateful that travel across the world is becoming steadily simpler. Travel restrictions have increasingly softened making international travel easier. 

As international travel reopens, the entry rules for each country depend on your individual situation, in particular your Covid vaccination status.

Travelling by Air for your holiday...

Please find the latest updates for flight holidays using Sherpa. On their page you need to indicate your:

1) vaccine status
2) nationality
3) country of departure
4) country of arrival
5) dates of travel 

Please click on this link use this service from Sherpa.

Travelling by Coach for your Oak Hall holiday...

Our coach journeys begin with an entry to France

After France, our journey takes us into Luxembourg and Belgium before we enter Spain, SwitzerlandAustria or Germany.

You can check the requirements for these destinations by clicking here and entering the dates of travel, destination etc. The default is set to fully vaccinated and US nationality, so you should change this if applicable. 


Both websites are kept updated if the rules change, so it is worth checking again nearer the time of your departure.



If you need to obtain an NHS vaccination certificate for travel please click Get an NHS COVID Pass - NHS ( for more information. 

Please check the expiry date on your certificate and also make sure that it was issued after 1st November 2021. The NHS appointment card given at vaccination centres cannot be used for travel.

See you soon!

We look forward to sharing an Oak Hall adventure with you very soon!