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At Oak Hall, Otford Manor, our prayer is that all we do will point to the person of Jesus Christ. Central to our events, holidays and expeditions is the Bible teaching that is shared. Through these sessions, some meet Jesus for the first time and respond to His call on their lives, many others grow in their walk with Him. 

Supporting each other to support local churches

Our aim is that all those who join us would return to their home churches to enthusiastically support these frontline communities - reaching out to their friends, family and colleagues with the news of God's love shown in Jesus.

WORD. events

We have been running WORD. events for many years. Usually hosted at Otford Manor, we enjoy a weekend together and explore one book of the Bible with an excellent Bible teacher. 

More recently, we have also taken WORD. online!

WORD. online! - Welcome.

We would love for you join us. During our 'WORD. online!' events, over thirteen thousand have joined us for inspiring Bible studies with excellent Bible teachers. These sessions are free and you are warmly invited!

To listen (and watch) our most recent event, - as well as to access the whole back catalogue, please scroll down the page!

More details about our in-person 'WORD. weekends' at Otford Manor are here.
"Thanks SO MUCH for an absolutely wonderful morning..."
"Just wanted to thank you so much for arranging such a great event on Saturday... the speaker was engaging and had challenging messages, with helpful illustrations. I will definitely put the next one in my diary. "
"Really enjoying the live study - all the way over in Melbourne Australia. Great work and good teaching!"
John and Janet

The whole back catalogue is here...

You can watch and listen to all of the 'WORD. online!' sessions that have already happened below...

January 2023 - WORD. online! #19 - 'Surviving & thriving in troubled times' - with Lindsay Brown

Surviving and thriving in troubled times. Lessons from the lives of Asaph, Elijah and Nehemiah. International conflict, spiritual oppression, cruelty and corruption, propaganda and manipulation... Asaph, Elijah and Nehemiah lived in tumultuous and troubled times. Yet, despite apparently insurmountable challenges, they experience God's provision, presence and power... 

Lindsay's style of faithful Bible teaching is very engaging, challenging and inspiring - we are glad to welcome him back for our next 'WORD. online!' - this was another excellent event!

April 2022 #18 - 'Our Father...' with Dan Hubbard

There might not be more familiar words to us than the words Jesus teaches in this prayer. And yet, we might wonder: why it is that Jesus teaches us to pray like this? Let's face it, we can sometimes struggle when it comes to prayer, so often not knowing how or what to pray. But in these fifty-three words, Jesus speaks wonderfully rich and refreshing truths into our lives. Words that take us to the heart of the gospel, that captivate and enhance our desire to approach in prayer our Father in heaven.

For the notes from this morning, please click here.

January 2022 #17 - Ruth with Lindsay Brown

'Don't urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.'
- Ruth 1:16

With these words of incredible courage and vision, Ruth prepares to become a refugee in a strange land. As she takes this step of faith, she experiences the transforming grace of a God who delights to draw apparent 'outsiders' into the very centre of His plans to redeem the world.

October 2021 #16 - 1 Corinthians with Paul Mayo

'I always thank my God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus.' 
- 1 Corinthians 1:4

With its cosmopolitan culture, confusion over the nature of love, and chaos in the church, Paul's first letter to the followers of Jesus Christ in Corinth pulls no punches. Yet through this loving letter, we are given a wonderful insight into the grace of God shown in the Lord Jesus.

July 2021 #15 - Ezra and Haggai with Andy Mayo

Nestling in the heart of the Old Testament are two short books - captivating, yet rarely explored - that uniquely portray God's loving purpose for His lost people. At this point in history where it seems there is no future, God in gracious power intervenes.

As we explore Ezra and Haggai, we hear God showing His people how to counter opposition, battle despair, discern His will and live in the fulness of God's presence and power.

June 2021 - WORD. online! #14 - Hosea with Dan Wells

Love has been the subject of songs from the very beginnings of music to the pop hits of today. The Bible book of Hosea is God's love song to his people, describing in vivid ways the way that God reaches out in love to those who have wandered away. 

If you want to know what love is, and want to know that you are loved, please join us in this great book. We'll encounter the love of God in a powerful way and explore the right way to live in that abundant love of God.

May 2021 - WORD. online! #13 - 2 Corinthians with Andy Robinson

It is so easy to grow weary and discouraged perhaps particularly at the moment. The apostle Paul had plenty of reasons to grow fed up - he faced frequent opposition and difficult relationships with the churches that he planted. 2 Corinthians is the most personal of Paul's letters as he opens his heart to his readers. He is realistic about the discouragement he faces but he comes back to the phrase 'We do not lose heart'. We'll discover the secret of Paul's perseverance and learn how to follow his example.

March 2021 - WORD. online! #11 - three selected Psalms with Andy Jack

'The soul's medicine chest'
The psalms have been called the soul's medicine chest and are a great place to turn when life is difficult and questions abound. They remind us what God is like; they point us to the Lord Jesus; and they provide us with words to speak to God in those dark times. Here we consider three psalms that train us to think not just on the basis of what we see and experience but on what God has revealed. And there lies our hope.

Psalm 13 - How long O Lord?
Psalm 73 - When the bad guys are winning
Psalm 131 - The secret of a quiet heart

February 2021 - WORD. online! #10 - Matthew 8-11 with Andy Robinson

Watch and listen to our studies in Matthew 8-11 with Andy Robinson again here...

Art included in the livestream this month:

Jude Simpson, 'Broken Open'
Mike Hood, 'Anybody Home?'
Turquoise Tracks: 'Rest for your Soul'

January 2021 - WORD. online! #09 - Isaiah with Paul Mayo

Listen and watch again just here...

December 2020 - WORD. online! #08 - ' Grandeur & Grace' - Hebrews with Paul Mayo

Watch our study in Hebrews with Paul Mayo again just here...

For more Spoken Word by Mike Hood, head to his channel here.

And to listen to more music by Roko Bunčić, please browse here.

November 2020 - WORD. online! #07 - 'Revolutionary Living' - Matthew 5-7 with Andrew Sach

What a helpful morning... watch again here! 

Andrew Sach's notes are online just here.

October 2020 - WORD. online! #06 - Psalm 23 with Andy Jack

Psalm 23 speaks to our situation so poignantly... here Andy Jack takes us through this ancient poem.

Here are some resources that Andy recommends on the psalms:
  1. 1. Willem A. VanGemeren - 'Psalms' in the Expositor's Bible Commentary (1991) - Quite academic.
  2. Derek Kidner - Psalms 1-72; Psalms 73-150 (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries, 1973).
  3. Gerald Wilson - Psalms Volume 1 (NIV Application Commentary, 2002) - More accessible and practical
  4. Donald Williams - Psalms 1-72; Psalms 73-150 (The Preacher's Commentary, 2002). - Very readable and devotional

September 2020 - WORD. online! #05 - Philippians with Lindsay Brown

You can listen again to Lindsay Brown exploring Philippians here...

August 2020 - WORD. online! #04 - Revelation with Andy Robinson

You can listen again to Andy Robinson teaching through Revelation here...

July 2020 - WORD. online! #03 - Habakkuk with Andy Jack

You can listen again to Andy Jack presenting 3 sessions in Habakkuk here...

June 2020 - WORD. online! #02 - Colossians with Andy Robinson

In June, Andy Robinson took us through the book of Colossians. You can listen again here...

May 2020 - WORD. online! #01 - Acts with Lindsay Brown

On the 9th May, 9:30-12:30 we hosted our first 'WORD. online!' - exploring the book of Acts with Lindsay Brown. 

This video is the first session in a series of three. We'd love it if you could join us live next time!
"Thank you so much for arranging the word online event today. Such great teaching!"

A fruitful morning together!

Our programme runs between 9:30am and 12:30pm. 

We will enjoy three sessions with Lindsay:

Session 1. Elijah after Carmel: how God helped him to overcome discouragement and depression (1 Kings 19)
Session 2. Asaph- why does God sometimes allow the wicked to  sometimes progress, and why do bad things happen to good people? (Psalm 73)
Session 3. Nehemiah - rebuilding when everything is falling apart! (Nehemiah)

Our third session will include an extended Q&A time. There will also be opportunities for prayer and reflection in smaller groups, and a short tea break in the middle!

Join us!

To share in this special WORD. event, there are two ways that you can join us this month:

'YouTube LiveStream': in this track, you will hear all of the teaching and have additional elements of led prayer, as well as stories of others who have been transformed by the touch of Jesus. For the LiveStream you will need a computer, smartphone or smart TV with access to YouTube. 

To join us, please simply browse to this page oakhall.co.uk/word from 9:15am on the morning of our programme and the livestream will be running at the top. You could also subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive a reminder as the event begins!

'Zoom': for this track, you will need a computer/ phone/ tablet that has a camera and microphone. We will be using the 'Zoom' app that is free of charge to use. As well as all of the teaching, those in this track will connect with others in smaller 'rooms' at three points in the morning. 

If you are happy to arrive with your camera on: ready to chat and connect with others, this is the track for you! The Zoom event will open from 9am. We've made 500 spaces available - please be prepared to revert to the LiveStream in the unlikely event that we fill these! Please use this link: oakhall.co.uk/wordzoom to join us - the Zoom event will be open from 9am.

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