'WORD.online!' - Revelation with Andy Robinson - 1st August 9:30am-12:30pm





During our first three 'WORD. online!' events, hundreds have joined us for inspiring Bible studies with excellent Bible teachers.

On the 1st August, 9:30-12:30 UK time, we host our fourth 'WORD.online!' Exploring the book of Revelation, Andy Robinson will be teaching. 

This is again a free event and you are warmly invited!
"Thank you so much for arranging the word online event today. Such great teaching!"


There isn't another book of the Bible quite like Revelation- it can be simultaneously breath taking and bewildering! But it has a vital purpose- to open up heaven to us and to show us God's plans for history so that we keep living for Jesus. And it feels particularly relevant for these strange times we are living through. So join us as we see an overview of the book and try to dig in to three of the most significant chapters.

Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson works as one of the leadership team of Woodstock Road Baptist Church in Oxford and has been speaking on Oak Hall trips for over ten years. He was due to be teaching on Revelation at Oak Hall's Mountain Bible Week this year- but is going to compact that material into a morning! 

Andy also spoke at the second 'WORD. online!' event back in June as we studied Colossians - you can catch up on that below.
"Really enjoying the live study all the way over in Melbourne Australia. Great work and good teaching!"
John and Janet

A fruitful morning together!

Our programme will run between 9:30am and 12:30pm. We will enjoy three teaching sessions together, opportunities for prayer and reflection in smaller groups, and a short tea break in the middle!

Join us!

To share in this special WORD. event, there are now three ways that you can connect!

'YouTube LiveStream': in this track, you will hear all of Andy's teaching and have additional elements of led prayer, as well as stories of others who have been transformed by the touch of Jesus. For the LiveStream you will need a computer, smartphone or smart TV with access to YouTube. We will send the link out to you in the week before the event.

'Zoom': for this track, you will need a computer/ phone/ tablet that has a camera and microphone. We will be using the 'Zoom' app that is free of charge to use. As well as all of Andy's teaching, those in this track will connect with others in smaller 'rooms' at three points in the morning. If you are happy to arrive with your camera on: ready to chat and connect with others, this is the track for you! Spaces for the Zoom track are limited - a link will come to you in the week prior to 'WORD.online!'

Camp! For August only, there is the opportunity to listen to 'WORD. online!' live and in 3D by coming to the 'Great Summer Re-Connect' at Otford Manor. Read more details here.

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"Just wanted to thank you so much for arranging such a great event on Saturday... the speaker was engaging and had challenging messages, with helpful illustrations. I will definitely put the next one in my diary. "

May 2020 - WORD. online! #01 - Acts with Lindsay Brown

On the 9th May, 9:30-12:30 we hosted our first 'WORD. online!' - exploring the book of Acts with Lindsay Brown. This is the first session in a series of three. We'd love it if you could join us live next time!

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'WORD.online!' - Revelation with Andy Robinson - 1st August 9:30am-12:30pm

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WORD. events - welcome!

At Oak Hall, Otford Manor, our prayer is that all we do will point to the person of Jesus Christ. Central to our events, holidays and expeditions is the Bible teaching that is shared. Through these sessions, some meet Jesus for the first time and respond to His call on their lives, many others grow in their walk with Him. 

Supporting each other to support local churches

Our aim is that all those who join us would return to their home churches to enthusiastically support these frontline communities - reaching out to their friends, family and colleagues with the news of God's love shown in Jesus.

WORD. events

We have been running WORD. events for many years. Usually hosted at Otford Manor, we enjoy a weekend together and explore one book of the Bible with an excellent Bible teacher. 

During these unusual days, we have taken WORD. online!