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Flight Details

Meet Heathrow T4, opposite check-in desk for LY316 : Tue, 17 September 12:15
El Al (Flight Number: LY316)
Flying from London Heathrow Terminal 4 to Tel Aviv Terminal 3
Departs: Tue 17 Sep 2024 15:15 Arrival: Tue 17 Sep 2024 22:00 Duration: 4h 45m
El Al (Flight Number: LY315)
Flying from Tel Aviv to London Heathrow Terminal 4
Departs: Fri 27 Sep 2024 10:10 Arrival: Fri 27 Sep 2024 13:35 Duration: 5h 25m
The airport transfer on the arrival day takes approximately 2 hours 30 mins
Above are the flight details as they currently stand. Please note that the airlines do sometimes make schedule changes
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Price / Trip Features

Trip CodeIS42
Dates -
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Explore the ancient past in Jerusalem
Float in the Dead Sea under desert sunshine
Visit a re-creation of life at the time of Jesus