Looking after each other during this Pandemic


Flexibility and reassurance

When you book with Oak Hall, your payment is safe and we allow complete flexibility to give you reassurance during this pandemic. 

On this page we explain how we will look after you.

Response to the Roadmap

Following the government's announcement of a roadmap for reopening, we are excited about the prospect of running our Summer 2021 and Winter 2022 programmes. We will be monitoring the advice on international travel. We expect future announcements to include information on any vaccination or testing requirements that will be needed for international travel.


Careful planning

In order to ensure that you are kept safe while away with us, we keep up to date with the latest pandemic guidelines in all the countries we visit (such as social distancing advice). We will pass on details of these to you before you travel, so that you can be confident about travelling to your destination.

Testing ourselves...

For our events at the Manor and at our UK destinations we ask everyone to take a lateral flow test 24 hours before travelling and only to join us if they have a negative result; this enables us to form bubbles of people who know they are unlikely to be infectious.

For our overseas trips we follow UK and destination government guidance on complying with COVID-19 regulations. These include requirements for testing before, during and after the holiday, and in some countries the stipulation to be double vaccinated. We will help you to understand all current requirements in our detailed holiday information letters.


What if my holiday cannot go ahead because of this pandemic?

We always follow government advice. If the country that we plan to travel to together introduces a lockdown, or the UK (or your home) government introduce travel restrictions (including putting the destination on the UK amber list) that prevent us from travelling conveniently, Oak Hall will return all of your money including your deposit.

If, even just before your departure, you are unable to travel due to the pandemic - for example you are contacted by 'Track and Trace' or if your area introduces a local lockdown - Oak Hall will return all of your money including your deposit.

What if quarantine is introduced for travellers returning from my holiday destination?

If before you travel, the UK government introduces quarantine for travellers returning from your planned Oak Hall destination, you will have the choice to still join us or to receive your money back including your deposit.

It is safe to travel by Oak Hall coach during this pandemic

Our state-of-the-art twin deck Oak Hall coach is known for its spacious and comfortable ride. During the present situation, in line with current best practice, we are taking special measures to ensure that you can travel on our coach without concern.

Thorough cleaning: our coach is deep cleaned and disinfected between journeys. At each stop, the bannisters, hand rails etc. are all disinfected by the driver or courier.

Allocated seating: your seat is allocated to you personally and no one else will sit in it while you travel. This gives peace of mind.

Careful spacing: with eighty seats available, we will ensure that you are seated on the coach in line with current regulations. If you are travelling and have requested a room share with someone you will likely be seated next to them on the coach.

Two flights of stairs and two exit doors: The coach has ample exits and stairs meaning that no traveller need pass another in the coach.

Oak Hall Expeditions as an organisation is financially secure

We are grateful that Oak Hall is financially secure. Further to this, in the highly unlikely event of insolvency, all of our guests' payments are secured using two mechanisms - one for the flight trips and a different one for the coach expeditions.

Flight Holidays:
All Oak Hall flight-inclusive holidays are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. This is an industry standard for ensuring that guests are well cared for in the case of insolvency. More details are here.

Coach Holidays:
All payments for coach holidays are kept in a Trust Account until your holiday is completed. This provides your security for protection against the unlikely event of insolvency and ensures a full refund and repatriation.

Is there anything I should do?

Travel Insurance
One thing that you can do is to ensure that you have travel insurance in place for your trip. We have discovered during the last months that all travel insurance companies are not equal! 

We would encourage you to ensure that:
  • you are covered for curtailment of your trip should you become unwell prior to travel;
  • you are covered for all medical possibilities if you were to become unwell while on holiday.
These two points should be standard offerings from all travel insurance companies but they are worth checking!

Get in touch!

We hope that we have provided enough information here to reassure you regarding your booking with us but if you have any questions at all, please feel welcome to get in touch with us.

Please click here for our contact page.