Looking after each other during the Pandemic


Looking after our Oak Hall guests

Throughout the pandemic, we have quickly given refunds to any whose holidays were cancelled or who were unable to travel due to other COVID-related reasons.
As we continue, if in the highly unlikely event, it were not possible for an Oak Hall trip to go ahead due to new regulations or unforeseen circumstances, we would return your money to your bank account, including your deposit, in full.

Finding the right travel insurance

With the good news that travel insurance can now be easily found that offers cover for guests' COVID-related travel issues, it is important that Oak Hall guests obtain an adequate insurance policy before booking with us.

Please check that your travel insurance covers:
  • cancellation due to you or an associate becoming unwell or being asked to isolate prior to your trip;
  • any costs associated with care or repatriation if you were to become unwell with COVID-19 while away on your trip.
Comparison websites are now making it very clear which insurance companies offer full protection regarding COVID-19.

Carefully following home-government requirements

We will continue to monitor the UK government's advice on international travel for vaccinated travellers and will share information with our guests. We have created a page that collates all of the information just here.

If you are travelling from outside of the UK, we would ask that you carefully check the requirements for your situation.


Checking the guidelines in the countries we visit

In order to ensure that you are kept safe while away with us, we keep up to date with the latest pandemic guidelines for vaccinated travellers in all the countries we visit (such as social distancing advice). 

We will pass on details of these to you before you travel, so that you can be confident about travelling to your destination.

Those unvaccinated are very welcome to join us but we would ask that they carry out their own research as we are no longer monitoring regulations for unvaccinated travellers.

Testing ourselves...

For our events at the Manor and at our UK destinations we ask everyone to take a lateral flow test within 24 hours of travelling and only to join us if they have a negative result.


Oak Hall Expeditions as an organisation is financially secure

We are grateful that Oak Hall is financially secure. Further to this, in the highly unlikely event of insolvency, all of our guests' payments are secured using two mechanisms - one for the flight trips and a different one for the coach expeditions.

Flight Holidays:
All Oak Hall flight-inclusive holidays are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. This is an industry standard for ensuring that guests are well cared for in the case of insolvency. More details are here.

Coach Holidays:
All payments for coach holidays are kept in a Trust Account until your holiday is completed. This provides your security for protection against the unlikely event of insolvency and ensures a full refund and repatriation.

Get in touch!

We hope that we have provided enough information here to reassure you regarding your booking with us but if you have any questions at all, please feel welcome to get in touch with us.

Please click here for our contact page.