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Amalfi & Sorrento

Three-star hotel on the Sorrento peninsula
Beautiful Amalfi coastline
Vesuvius and Pompeii


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Famous around the globe

The area around Sorrento and the Amalfi coast has enchanted celebrities from Cleopatra to Angelina Jolie. It is a place of legendary beauty, where mountains dive into the sea, with beautiful bays and picturesque resort towns.


An excellent location

We stay in a three-star hotel on the Sorrentine peninsula in the centre of Vico Equense, with its range of attractive buildings and interesting shops. We are also just a short distance from the best ice cream shop in town! The beach and harbour can be accessed by steps down the cliff or by bus. Hotel Aequa has a swimming pool, as well as a terrace and gardens with excellent views of Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples. 


The stunning Amalfi coast

Our optional package of excursions includes two separate day excursions by coach to explore the Amalfi coast, Vesuvius and the catacombs in Naples.

The Sorrentine peninsula offers a beautiful coastline for us to enjoy. The most dramatic parts are found along the southern side, known as the Amalfi coast, which is approximately 30 minutes drive from our hotel by coach. Our first excursion takes us along this spectacular coastline to explore Amalfi and Ravello.

The town of Amalfi, which gives the coastline its name, is centred around St Andrew’s Cathedral and is built into a bay amongst the mountains. It provides a beautiful setting for an ice cream in one of its gorgeous gelaterias. We also stop at Ravello, offering excellent views of the Amalfi coast, due to its high position.


Mighty Vesuvius

Our second excursion takes us to explore Vesuvius, as well as the catacombs in Naples. When Vesuvius erupted in AD79, the local town of Pompeii was buried under 5 metres of ash, leaving the whole town hidden and frozen in time. Our coach will drop us close to the top of the volcano. From here we walk up the rugged path that leads the last few hundred metres to the crater, which is now dormant.

We will also visit the catacombs in Naples, which provide an interesting insight into the history of the city. Our guide will explain how they are also an important part of the modern society, having been re-opened as part of a social project to develop the local area. 

The entrance fees for both Vesuvius and the catacombs are included in the excursion package.


Exploring Ancient Pompeii

There are many other things available to do in the local area. To enable the most flexibility, our optional package of excursions only covers two days, leaving plenty of time for you to explore the places of most interest to you, assisted by the Oak Hall leader. 

On one of the free days, the leader will take a group to Pompeii. Wandering these ancient streets gives us a unique insight into the world of the New Testament – it’s the closest we can get to a time machine that plunges us into the world where Paul and Peter preached. The direct train from Vico Equense to Pompeii takes 20 mins and costs around €3 each way. The cost of the train and the entrance fee for Pompeii are payable locally. 

The site at Herculaneum, which was devastated by the same eruption, is known for its impressive collection of preserved mosaics and frescoes and is accessible on the same train line.


A region rich in scenery and culture

Another highlight of the area is the island of Capri, a popular retreat for movie stars. You can take a boat ride across to the island and head up on the funicular to explore the glittering shops and enjoy the walks with stunning views. 

After each day's activities, we return to our hotel for the evening meal, as well as an inspiring Bible talk and time of singing, which are always a highlight.

"Vico Equense is great! A lovely town that wasn’t too hectic but still had enough going on to make it interesting and Gabriela's delicious ice cream!"
Millicent, July 2023