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Italian Adriatic

Five miles of sandy beaches
Leonardo da Vinci-designed harbour
San Marino and a relaxing boat ride


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Stunning beaches

The soft sand on the shoreline of Cesenatico gently slopes into the Adriatic Sea. With five miles of sandy beaches, it is an ideal location for relaxing in the sunshine and then taking a dip in the crystal blue waters. At the northern end of Cesenatico you will find an attractive fishing village with a harbour designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Restored, traditional fishing boats float under the gaze of colourful renaissance buildings. 

There will be plenty of time to relax by the sea, and you can also enjoy our optional package of three excursions, which takes us to explore the highlights of the area: San Marino with San Leo, Bologna, a lagoon boat ride and the underground world at Sant'Arcangelo.


San Marino and San Leo

The Republic of San Marino is a small independent state with spectacular views. Wandering through medieval alleyways we can visit the interesting sights including Palazzo Pubblico (town hall) and the two fortresses. We can also use local money to send a postcard with a distinctive San Marino stamp.

An impressive fortress looms over the village of San Leo; it is both a castle and a museum, housing weapons from the eighteenth century. There is plenty to see, including the Sacred Art Museum and the cathedral.


Beautiful Bologna

Arguably one of the best-looking cities in Italy, Bologna’s medieval centre is a jumble of balconies, fountains and 38km of porticoes. At its heart is Piazza Maggiore, a square that is flanked by the grand Gothic church of San Petronio and the majestic Palazzo dei Bianchi.

Scattered throughout the city are attractive buildings belonging to the university, and looming over it all are the Due Torri – Bologna’s own leaning towers.


Boat cruising and tunnels

New for this year, we will enjoy a boat ride on the Comacchio lagoon, which is home to flamingos. Our guide will also explain about the interesting history of the lagoon with its ancient fishing huts.  

At Sant'Arcangelo, a series of tunnels, caves and storehouses were built underground to enable the locals to store food and create escape routes during sieges. A guided tour will enable us to experience this intriguing hidden world. 
"Close to the beach, which was great! "
Emma, August 2019

Explore the coastline

If you wish to explore more of the local area, Rimini is accessible by train in less than 30 minutes for around €6 return. This interesting town is on the coastline, offering the chance to feel the sand between your toes before exploring its prominent buildings, particularly the Tiberius Bridge, built in 21 AD, and Castel Sismondo.

Ravenna can also be reached by train for a similar cost and is world famous for its impressive mosaics throughout the city's churches. 


Relax by the sea

Cesenatico is the perfect base from which to explore Italy’s Adriatic coast, or just relax by the sea. We will be staying in a three-star hotel, only 150m from the beach, at the southern end of the town.  

We will meet each evening for a helpful Bible talk and uplifting singing.