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Five-day city break
A vibrant, colourful city
Beautiful churches and monasteries


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Ancient city

Travel to one of the oldest and most picturesque cities of Europe for a five-day city break this spring. Kiev is a city rich in history and culture, yet for many people it remains undiscovered. The history of Kiev goes back as far as 1500 years, with a golden age as the capital of Kievan Rus, stretching from the White Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south.

Modern vibes

Today, Kiev is a city of contrasts, where you find thousand-year-old churches juxtaposed with Ukrainian art nouveau architecture and modern, edgy public art. Kiev is an ambitious city, where native culture is not as much a pastime as a question of national identity. Kiev is ideal for a city break with plenty of things to see, whether you love ancient or modern history, quirky cafés or attractive parks.

We will start our time in Kiev with a guided tour of the highlights of the city. On the following days, the leader will be available to provide information about things you might wish to do and people can then head off in smaller groups to explore the places that are of most interest to them in this fascinating city. Our hotel is located close to the metro station and the cost of tickets is very low. 

Unique character

Perhaps the most characteristic feature of Kiev is the abundance of beautiful churches, which have earned Kiev the nickname “City of Golden Domes”. Historically the city has been an important Christian centre in the east, and two of its church complexes, the St Sophia Cathedral and the Kiev Monastery of the Caves, are included in UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites. These ancient buildings give the city a distinctive historical atmosphere, alongside sites such as the Golden Gate, a reconstruction of an 11th- century city gate.

Living city

Kiev is a vibrant city, whose character is shaped by its citizens. As you pass St Andrew’s church, a baroque masterpiece on a hill, you enter the part of the city known as the ‘Montmartre of Kiev’. Here, you pass stall after stall of local artisans selling their goods next to the many cafés and restaurants in the area. Nearby, you can visit Peizazhna alley, a public park full of unusual mosaic statues. If you want to hear the locals’ own story, you can join one of the many walking tours departing from the main square daily. We are also fortunate that our time in the Ukraine coincides with ‘Kiev Day’, the annual celebration of the city!

Unusual sights

Kiev is also a city that has seen turbulent times, and there is much to be learned from these periods of Ukrainian history. Local companies offer day tours to the power plant museum in Chernobyl and the abandoned town Pripyat, for those who are interested. Just outside Kiev you can also visit the Corruption museum within the grounds of the abandoned presidential palace. This belonged to the ousted former president and, amongst other things, you can see his private zoo and collection of classic cars.

At the end of each day we will come together for a time of fellowship and Bible teaching.

Come and explore one of the most intriguing parts of Europe on this new city break!