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Alpine Bible Week

Delve deeper into the Bible
Chalet in Schladming, Austria
Andy Robinson speaking on Revelation


Thank you for visiting us here at Oak Hall!

This holiday is in the past now but please click here for our programme for this year:

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A new destination

Each year we move to a different destination with the Alpine Bible Week, while retaining the essential ingredients of this holiday - clear Bible teaching and beautiful mountain scenery. 

This year, we will be staying in the village of Haus, the neighbouring village to Schladming in this beautiful Alpine region of Austria. The village has won several awards and represented Austria in competitions for its floral decoration and landscaping.


Study the Bible in the mountains

The Alpine Bible Week is an opportunity for us to break out of the bustle of everyday life to study the Bible against the glorious backdrop of the mountains. Our greatest need in life is to know God. God is not silent and hiding: he speaks to us every day through the Bible, through his people and through the magnificence of his creation. Yet we may find it hard to hear him, because of a thousand other voices shouting for our attention and time. We take time to explore the Bible in more depth and detail than we would manage in our normal lives.
"Was wonderful getting to know everyone and spending time in God's word in His amazing creation"
Lisa, August 2019

An experienced Bible teacher

Our experienced speaker, Andy Robinson, will be speaking to us on the book of Revelation. Revelation can feel like strange territory with its trumpets, dragons and beasts, but we will try to avoid getting lost in the detail and see the big picture ó an explanation of what God is doing in our world and powerful motivation to persevere as Christians

A welcoming chalet

We have exclusive use of the chalet, which has been a favourite with Oak Hall winter guests for many years, nestled in the heart of the Alps. There are lovely views of the valley from the dining room and the recent addition of a sauna is a welcome bonus. 

The chalet is simple but comfortable and all bedrooms are en-suite, with a number of different rooming arrangements. Most rooms are used for two people. There are also a small number of single rooms. Some of the rooms can be used for three or four people. Many of the beds are Austrian-style (one frame with separate mattresses and duvets).

The chalet is hosted and run by the Oak Hall team, providing breakfast (with the opportunity to make a packed lunch) and a hot evening meal.


An excellent programme

Each morning and evening, Andy will help us get to grips with the book of Revelation. There will be time to praise God with singing, and opportunities to discuss how the truths we are learning shape our minds, our hearts and our lifestyles. In the afternoons we will have time to walk in the beautiful surroundings, talking about what we have learnt, letting it sink into our souls and being awed by the majesty of Godís creation.


Explore beautiful surroundings

We pay a tourist tax on your behalf, which entitles you to a local Summer card offering free or discounted admission to over 100 attractions in the Schladming area, including a number of lifts and cable cars, plus free access to buses. This gives plenty of options for things to do on our free afternoons, along with many well-marked walking paths, lakes for swimming, and villages to explore. 

We will also hire a coach to take us for a full day excursion to the lakeside village of Halstatt, which canít be reached with the Summer card but is well worth exploring. Take a boat ride between the villages on the lake, spend the day walking along the trails nearby or traverse the Dachstein Ice Cave or salt mines. 

Join us this summer and return home refreshed by the grandeur of God revealed both through the Bible and the majesty of the mountains.