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Italian Lakes - cycling

Local guides and a choice of itineraries
Gentle valley rides or mountain climbs
Three-star hotel in a riverside town


Italy cycling – authentic Italy

Join us as we cycle in the beautiful valleys of the Italian Alps and around two spectacular lakes - Iseo and Endine. Each year we have been improving the holiday and it is now the most versatile of the cycling trips in the Oak Hall programme, suitable for the keenest cyclists who want to challenge themselves, through to those who wish to cycle at a more gentle pace. 

We offer four different itineraries, depending on your choice of speed and distance, making it suitable for anyone who has at least a basic level of riding ability and is looking for an active break in beautiful scenery. There is also a choice of city bikes, mountain bikes or a limited number of road bikes. 

The glorious Oglio Valley

In the glorious Oglio Valley the river flows into Lake Iseo. We will be based in a three-star hotel, north of the lake, in the riverside town of Boario Terme.

From here we will hire bikes locally and enjoy various cycle rides to the surrounding towns, lakes and places of interest. This is set to be an authentic Italian experience, with captivating culture, stunning scenery, fine food - and did we mention the incredible ice cream?

Choice of four different itineraries

This cycling holiday will operate in a slightly different way to others that we run, as the different groups follow separate itineraries. At the start of the week, the team will discuss with you which of these four itineraries you would like to follow for the week:

i) a series of gentle rides along the valleys of around 15–25 miles each day. A few hills provide some spectacular views

ii) longer rides with a range of 30–45 miles and including some hills

iii) rides based on the second itinerary but going faster and further each day

iv) an all out cycling experience with longer distances, taking in lakes and mountains 

The routes will generally use quiet roads and cycle paths throughout, and will be led by a local guide or Oak Hall team member. If the holiday is as popular as last year, we will also add a fifth group. Two groups would then follow the same itinerary (to avoid the groups getting too large).   

"Lovely area with good cycle guides."
Ron, August 2018

Valleys or mountains

The four itineraries combine an exciting range of locations. We cycle around two lakes, one of which (Lake Iseo) is 25km long. We also visit the island of Monte Isola, historic towns such as Pisogne and Lovere and for those who wish, there is the chance to test yourself against the Giro D’Italia mountain climbs and other challenging routes in the area.

As an example of another day, the first group will head along the river, with the option of a picnic lunch near the beautiful port town of Lovere. The second group will head up the valley to Capo di Ponte, which includes a UNESCO site displaying ancient rock engravings. The third group will go up to lake Endine and come back via lake Iseo and the fourth group will follow the Giro d’Italia route up the mountain to the ski resort of Montecampione.


A choice of bikes

At the point of booking on the website, you can select the type of bike you would prefer to use. If you plan to follow one of the more relaxed itineraries, a city style bike (which is more comfortable and has less gears) would probably be the most obvious choice. If you prefer to do one of the more challenging routes, a mountain bike or road bike could be a good choice, both of which have more gears. Mountain bikes have thicker tyres, which provide stability. Road bikes, with drop handle bars, have thinner tyres, giving less friction and a smoother ride. They take a while to master though if you are not used to them and are best suited to those in the fastest group.

Rest and relaxation

We will have a day of rest and relaxation in between all the adventures, with the chance to visit a number of fascinating sights in the vicinity. On the last day we will have the chance to visit the interesting town of Lecco on Lake Como, before heading to the airport. 

At the end of each day we will enjoy hearing an inspiring Bible talk together


The cost includes return flights from London Heathrow to Milan Malpensa with British Airways, airport taxes and charges, airport transfers and three-star hotel accommodation with air-conditioned, en-suite rooms for two, breakfast and evening meals while at our hotel.

Mountain/city bike hire (payable in advance): £90
Road bike hire (payable in advance): £150

The deposit is £50 if booking more than two months in advance (plus single room supplement, if applicable).

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