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Russia’s two most important cities
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Palaces, rivers, culture, poetry and kings


A tale of two cities

Come with us this summer to explore two remarkable cities, both of which have been Russia’s capital city at different times. Moscow and St Petersburg each have a unique style and atmosphere, and each tells a different story.


Moscow - history, culture and art

Moscow is a world capital like no other, from the eccentric twisting spires of St Basil’s Cathedral at the head of Red Square to the palatial underground transport system filled with art and marble-framed propaganda. From the cultural centre of ballet to the Kremlin’s seat of power, the bustling city of Moscow leaves a deep impression on any visitor.

As we explore this momentous city, we can take in something of its history and appreciate this unique centre, which at one time seemed to rule much of the world. Here we will walk the cobbled streets that saw the massive Soviet experiment, its eventual collapse and now sees a new history and identity unfolding.

So much to explore

Moscow is a city of contrasts. You may enjoy sipping a coffee in a quiet square or joining the thronging crowds in the shopping malls and markets of Tverskaya ulitsa or Arbat. There are the Russian Orthodox cathedrals to explore, nestled amongst imposing and ambitious Stalinist architecture. You might also enter the Kremlin museum to glimpse the grandeur of the Tsars and the extravagance of their pre-revolutionary lives here on the banks of the Moskva River. We spend four nights in this majestic city. 

Seeing Russia by train

Travelling north on the Russian railways, we watch the landscape of northern Russia slide by. Towns, lakes, villages and plains will drift past our windows as we travel using a system that has moved the citizens of these lands for over a century. Today, the rapid daytime train takes around four hours between the two cities. There is no more captivating way to explore this region than by rail. As we travel we will continue to meet local people and hear some of their stories.
"I really enjoyed the opportunity to try different restaurants and cuisines each day."
Amy, August 2017

The city of kings and poets

Once the seat of the Tsars with their palaces, art and poetry, St Petersburg experienced a revolution that attempted to rub out its regal soul. Even her name was changed to reflect the new system as she became “Leningrad”, until her name was returned at the end of the last century. The ship that announced the revolution still floats in the harbour. Once a shrine, it is now a reminder of a terrible period of history, the consequences of which live on today.

A captivating city

Despite - or some would say due to - the many changes that St Petersburg has experienced, the city carries an air of captivating intrigue. Home to poets and writers, such as Pushkin and Dostojevski, and the streets lined with Italian-style palazzos, St Petersburg shimmers with romance. The magnificent, vast castle-like Hermitage is home to one of the greatest collections of art in the world.

We will be in St Petersburg for five nights. With rivers crossed by quaint bridges, parks punctuated with monuments and cafés, we will always remember exploring this fascinating city. 

A memorable tour

In each city we start with a half day tour with a local guide to orientate us. There will also be an optional excursion package, which will include guided tours of the highlights of each city, such as the Kremlin, the Winter Palace and Peterhof. At other times, the leader will be available to provide further information about things you might wish to do and people can then head off in smaller groups to explore the places that are of most interest to them.

The cost includes breakfast at the hotels. The local restaurants tend to offer better value evening meals than the hotels, so the leader will suggest a restaurant each evening for people to eat at. Each evening we also meet together to hear an interesting Bible talk.

Whether riding a river bus, exploring museums or enjoying the local cuisine, we are very much looking forward to sharing our Russia tour with you.


The cost includes return flights from London to Moscow, returning from St Petersburg (via Moscow). It also includes airport transfers, airport taxes and charges, train journey between the cities, a half-day guided tour in each city, three and four-star hotel accommodation with en-suite rooms for two and breakfast. Please allow for entrance fees and evening meals.

Optional excursion package: £118

Russian visa (needs to be obtained in person in London, Manchester or Edinburgh) - currently £130. The standard deposit is £50 (if booking more than two months in advance).

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