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Schladming - walking

Scenic walks through Alpine valleys
Exciting local area - multitude of active options
Chalet with en-suite rooms


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This holiday is in the past now but please click here for our programme for this year:

Oak Hall Holidays

Walking in the sunshine

If you enjoy exploring new locations by foot, join us for a walking holiday through the evergreen Austrian forests, beneath the stunning peaks of the Alps. 

You can come and simply relax in the sunshine or enjoy our optional excursion package of walks on five days as shown below. This is designed to suit a range of walkers. On some days, for example, there are opportunities to walk to the destination and either return by foot or catch the free bus back.

In the evenings, a time of singing and a helpful Bible talk are always a highlight.

Stunning scenery

The chalet has been a favourite with Oak Hall winter guests for many years, nestled in the heart of the Alps, in the Dachstein region of Austria. There are lovely views of the valley from the dining room and the recent addition of a sauna is a welcome bonus.

We have exclusive use of the chalet. It is located in the village of Haus, which has won several awards at European competitions for its floral decoration and landscaping. The village also offers features such as a heated outdoor pool, shops and cafés.


A range of room options

The chalet is hosted and run by the Oak Hall team. It is simple but comfortable and all bedrooms are en-suite, with a number of different rooming arrangements. Most rooms are used for two people. There are also a small number of single rooms, while some of the rooms can be used for three or four people. Many of the beds are Austrian-style (one frame with separate mattresses and duvets).


Summer days by the lake

Join us for a walk to Aich Village, with a lunch stop for a swim in the natural lake. Here we can also play beach volleyball, bounce off the water trampoline into the water, test our balance on a slackline or sit for a relaxing break in the café. After lunch, choose to explore the quaint village or continue on to the biodiverse Weissenbach area.

Thundering waterfalls

We will make our way to one of the most impressive waterfalls in Austria, the Riesachfälle, which plunges down in two steps with a total descent of 140 meters. The first part of the walk is an easier trail to the waterfall, with the option of a more challenging hike beyond.


Beautiful Halstatt

As part of our optional excursion package, we hire a coach to take us for a day in Hallstatt, known famously for its salt mines and the charming villages on either side of the tranquil lake. Take a boat ride between the villages, traverse through the Dachstein Ice Cave, spend the day walking along the trails nearby, or explore the story of the region in the Hallstatt Museum. The museum, the salt mines and the Dachstein Ice Cave are designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Glacier days

The stunning Dachstein glacier is a must see for anyone visiting the area, with excellent views and snow all year round. Our walk will take us to explore the attractive valley beneath the glacier, with the option of a shorter or longer walk. We can then ride up to the glacier itself using the cable car.


Mountain go-kart trikes

Another walk in the inspiring scenery takes us to the cable car at Hochwurzen in the Rohrmoos region. From here we can either take a free ride down on the cable car or there is the option of an exciting ride down the mountain on go-kart trikes for those looking for an adventurous end to the day.

The excellent Summer card

We pay a tourist tax on your behalf, which entitles you to a local card offering free or discounted admission to over 100 attractions in the Schladming area. These include a number of lifts and cable cars, such as the ride up to the stunning Dachstein Glacier, entrance to a variety of museums, parks and pools, plus free access to buses which operate throughout the local area.


Image © 3rd, 5th, 6th, Schladming Dachstein Herbert Raffalt,
Image © 11th Schladming Dachstein Peter Burgstaller,
Image © 13th Peter Burgstaller.