New Year Event - NY03


Coming on Your Own?
If you are travelling on your own - Welcome! We will make appropriate rooming arrangements for you.
Coming with friends?
If you are travelling with others and would like to share with them, you can indicate this during the booking process.
Standard room - bunk bedsA few places still available
Twin room
Full but waiting list available
Single room
Full but waiting list available
Bunk bed in room for 2 (Twin Bunk)
A few places still available
If a particular type of room is full (eg single room), please add yourself to the waiting list (by clicking 'book'), as we can sometimes adjust our room allocation.
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Price / Trip Features

Trip CodeNY03
Dates -
Otford Manor
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See in the New Year with friends at Oak Hall
Great food and Bible teaching
Breath-taking views and stunning surroundings