Spain - SC24

This trip was for 22-30 May 2020.
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Coming on Your Own?
If you are travelling on your own - Welcome! We will make appropriate rooming arrangements for you.
Coming with friends?
If you are travelling with others and would like to share with them, you can indicate this during the booking process.
Bed in shared room for 2No Longer Available (Trip in the past)
Single room
No Longer Available (Trip in the past)
Bed in shared family room for 3No Longer Available (Trip in the past)
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Coach Details


Fri, 22 MaySat, 23 May
Meet at Victoria Coach Station:19:00
Depart from Victoria Coach Station:19:30
Meet at Otford Manor:20:20
Depart from Otford Manor:20:40
Meet at Sainsbury's, Otford:21:00
Depart from Sainsbury's, Otford:21:20
Meet at Folkestone:22:20
Depart from Folkestone:22:30
Arrive at the Resort:20:15


Fri, 29 MaySat, 30 May
Depart from the Resort:18:30
Arrive at Folkestone:14:50
Arrive at Sainsbury's, Otford:16:05
Arrive at Victoria Coach Station:18:30
Above are the coach details as they currently stand. Please note that schedule changes can sometimes be necessary beforehand. Also, although in most instances we are able to maintain our schedule, delays inevitably arise from time to time during the journey due to traffic congestion etc. Please bear this in mind when making onward travel arrangements.
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Price / Trip Features

Trip CodeSC24
Dates -
Transport Option
Excursion package
Yes, please
Coach transfer
London - Folkestone return
Coach transfer
Otford - Folkestone return
Coach transfer
Otford Manor Parking (per car)
Coach transfer
None - Folkestone return
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Relax in a comfortable hotel
Enjoy the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean
Explore the delights of Barcelona and Montserrat